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General Ground Rules


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Item Revisions

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Ground Rules

About Using the Trading Tribe Name,

the TT Logo and Materials

Relating to this Site


Free Non-Commercial Use


Anyone may assemble and conduct meetings to discuss,

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(1) not-for-profit,

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You may reprint materials  if

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Trade Marks and Terms of Art


The Trading Tribe, Trading Tribe Logo,

and The Trading Tribe Process (TTP)

belong to Ed Seykota.


Terms of Art such as Fred, CM, Sender, Receiver,

Grumpy Judge, Happy Judge, Hardball Process, Right-Livelihood Process,
Rocks Process, Heart Rock and Rock Donor

normally appear as part of the Trading Tribe Process. 


The Trading Tribe FAQ site has copyright (c) Ed Seykota, 2003 - 2014.


Permissions and Certifications for Commercial Use


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To use a clip appearing in FAQ, for commercial purposes,

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From time to time, in response to demand,

Ed delivers TTP Workshops.


Workshops usually begin on a Friday evening

and end the following Sunday morning.


  If you want to have a Workshop in your area,

contact Ed by email

and provide a telephone number.




Ed's ultimate intention for The Trading Tribe and for TTP

includes encouraging people to experience it,

and then for it to disappear as another passing AHA.




Private Consulting


Ed occasionally accepts clients for private consulting.

Private clients may elect to keep questions and answers private,

so as not to appear on FAQ.