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March 27, 2019

Back in the Day


Thank you sir for the reply! I appreciated the humor on the FAQ!

I would like to ask you a more personal question, and it doesn’t have to go on the FAQ page.

Anyways, I was curious to how you felt when you first had developed your trading systems, and had all of your back tested data, and then proceed to follow your system and see the live trading match parameters from the back test?

What were you feeling in the first few years, and also do you still trade today? Thanks for your time, and have a splendid day! 😊 

Best Regards,
Thank you for raising this issue.

I gather you wish to know my feelings over a span of years.

I tend to associate specific feelings with a specific event in a specific moment of now.

Over a couple year span I generally cycle through all my feelings countless times.

You might consider taking  your feelings about <specific feelings> to Tribe as an entry point.
March 22, 2019

Zero-Point Process

Dear Ed,

IF I continue the TTP Zero point process without much resistance at the exhaustion phase, and if it happened to get an AHA about a particular situation, I think that completes my TTP process.

However, I noticed I do not fully follow the action plans I came up with that AHA. I have to put a lot of effort to follow the action plans. I feel like I need another TTP session and I get to depend on the TTP for the right livelihood.

I do not know, I have to put the same effort for action plans I come up during the rock process. It is my understanding that if I had completed my process, the need for TTP disappears.

Any advice for my concern?

Thanks Ed
Thank you for sharing your process.

You can use the TTP Zero-Point Process to illuminate some TTP concepts such as feelings, experience and disappearance. You can also use it medicinally, to feel better in the short run.

You can use the TTP Rocks Process pro-actively, to resolve deep issues and to align with right livelihood.

Similarly, say you feel you need to lose weight. You can (1 - medicinally) eat a big ol' mess of cherry pie to make yourself feel better or (2 - pro-actively) eat less and get more exercise.

You might consider taking your feelings about <medicating your feelings> to Tribe as an entry point.
March 20, 2019

Reluctant to Pull the Trigger


last year we had a drawdown, our equity portfolio was on losing streak month after month, hence in December I continue cut my position following the plan, our portfolio ends the year -14%.

However the stock market had a V shape recovery, and I feel reluctant to pull the trigger and follow our trend following system.

Looking at how the market perform today, our portfolio under perform the index. I feel bad about the situation as the result does not match my intention and I feel like fixing it.


Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <intentions = results> to Tribe as an entry point.
March 19, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Sir,

Please find the Tribe Meeting Report for the Mumbai Tribe Meeting on 14 March 2019 below.

With 4 members in attendance, we begin with drumming and proceed to check in.

Check In

TM1: TM1 shares that he now has an idea of what the issue with his trading is. But he feels he lacks discipline in journaling all his trades. He feels this will help him understand his own thinking behind taking trades. He elects to take this issue to the hotseat.

TM2: He shares that he may change jobs soon. He feels he has multiple career options available to him but he is unable to decide which path to take.

TM3: I share my intent to pass an exam. I also share an old memory of mine from when I am around 6 or 7. My mother is screaming at me for something and then tells me “You’ll never be able to take care of yourself financially and we’ll have to take care of you forever.” I also share my issues about my dating life. I elect to take my intent to pass the exam to the hotseat. I also share that I feel undeserving of praise.

TM4: He shares that he is exercising more and feels invigorated by taking care of his body.

Hotseat 1

TM1 takes the Hotseat with TM4 as the Process Manager.

TM starts with some story telling. He feels some pain in his neck and we encourage him to feel it. During the hotseat, TM1 switches between storytelling and feeling his forms. TM1 feels a pain behind his eyeballs and a pain in his neck. He shares with us that he feels guilty about a lot of small things. He also shares that he tries to tide over the current crises instead of looking for a long term solution. He feels he is undisciplined about journaling his trades. He feels clogged in his forehead and remembers the jet engine analogy from FAQ. 

He rubs his forehead with both his hands and then moves his head sideways. He also tiptoes. PM asks him to continue tiptoeing. TM1 shares that he sees an image of a bird tied in elastic bands on a board. He describes the board as having screws in the corner and elastic bands emanate from there, tying the bird. The bird also has a plank its head. He mentions he’s seems to be trying to wiggle out of short-term problems, and not fixing the long term problem, he draws parallel to using TTP and using TTP medicinally for the short term and not really fixing the issue. TM1 shares that he realises that the bird can get away only by relying on itself and no one is coming to save it. Then, TM1s relaxes and mentions he feels good about being at a place where he can be honest. TM1 elects to end the process.

Hotseat Check Out

We share that this is a good process and we think TM1 is making progress. PM notes that the pain behind the eyes is a signature form and that we can explore it in a further hotseat. I also worry about HS using this medicinally. TM1 shares that this is the first time he sees the trapped bird.

Hotseat 2

I take the hotseat with TM3 as the PM.

I begin with some storytelling and feel angry about the rote learning I have to do for 2 subjects. I keep ranting something along the lines of “Why do I need to learn about Bluetooth & its range? It is stupid.” I also rant about another subject and consider it a scam and useless. I feel a pain in the left side of my chest around my heart. I hear the Tribe's encouragement and continue to focus on the pain. I also feel a square tightness in my stomach. I hear the encouragement and continue to focus on the pain. I remark to the Tribe that I feel stupid and the Tribe encourages me to feel stupid.

I see an image where I am enclosed in a cocoon. I stretch in multiple directions but I realise that I need to punch my way out. I remark that I feel safe here and that I deserve to be in the cocoon but I do want to get out. I feel some conflict in me about getting out, but I decide to get out of the cocoon.

I also share that I feel like I am wasting the Tribe's time. I am hesitant about punching my way out and think I need permission. PM encourages me/gives me permission and I keep punching. I feel the cocoon breaking but also feel stuck. I punch for some time and then resort to tearing the cocoon from the inside. I feel an electric sensation in my fingertips & nails. I continue to feel the sensation.  After that I feel like the cocoon is now broken and a large enough gap exists for me to get out. I am worried about standing up and stepping out.

PM encourages me to stand up and move ahead. I do as instructed. I open my eyes and feel different and invigorated. I am hesitant to sit down on the hotseat as I fear going back in the cocoon. I elect to end the hotseat.

Hotseat Check Out

PM shares that prior to the HS, he is worried about leading but he does a good job. TM4 remarks that he sees the “undeserving” part of me come out during the hotseat when I say things like “I am wasting the Tribe's time.” I also thank PM for giving me the permission to punch my way out of the cocoon.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights - and for documenting your Tribe meeting.

Regarding  I am worried about standing up and stepping out. PM encourages me to stand up and move ahead:

PM might like to consider the alternative, "Good work! Keep worrying about standing up and stepping out."

In your narrative, PM provides advice and direction; in the alternative, PM extends the healing field and provides acknowledgment.

This subtle difference appears at the heart of TTP, on the boundary between control-centric and intimacy-centric relating.

You might also consider reviewing the Rocks Process. See TTP Extensions, available free as a download in the Trading Tribe Store, at Resources, above.

March 18, 2019

Evil and Soulless
see below: Wants to Meet

For that (lead to Michael) I didn’t need to ask you.

I did contact you a while ago and I bought your book consequently.

I would appreciate if you could send my request to Michael and let him make a decision whether or not he contacts me.

Sometimes doing good is actually better than not doing anything. I leave the doing bad for the evil soulless people. In this instance your judgment failed.
Thank you for sharing your process.

You might consider taking your feelings about <entitlement> and <protecting your friends> to Tribe as entry points.
March 17, 2019

Swing Trading


I was wondering if someone could advise me on the following question? “How far back is too far back for traceable/reliable swing points.”

Thank you for raising the question about swing-trading parameters.

Swing Trading generally refers to trading intermediate moves (swings) within a larger trend. 

I do not have any profitable back-test results for swing-trading systems. Nor do I have a definition of swing trading rigorous enough to enable back testing.

I consider swing trading as engaging, absorbing and exciting - and useful in raising dopamine levels. This can act medicinally - as a distraction from deeper issues around implementing right livelihood.

Absent risk control and other trading disciplines, it can also lead to financial self-demolition.

In this spirit, I offer the following:

Regarding your question about specific swing parameters, some pros recommend 5/8" sisal. Others prefer 1/2" Manila hemp. Swing traders on a budget might prefer 1/4" nylon. You might like to avoid flax and cotton.

To execute a simple swing, loop the working end. Then, tie a simple overhand knot around the standing end.  With practice and experience, your swing can exemplify both strength and beauty.

If you also want to know more about the  tools, terminology and culture of swing trading, you can enroll in various on-line courses.

Swing Trading

The swing you ride
may depend how you feel
about yourself.

March 15, 2019

Wants to Get a Round Tuit

Dear Ed,

Could you confirm the address to which I should send a request for a Round Tuit?


Thank you.

Thank you for asking how to get a Round Tuit.

See instructions at the TT Store at Resources, above.
March 14, 2019


Hi Ed:

May my note find you and yours both healthy and happy.

I see in the area of your Web site:

Watch an actual LONG-ONLY TREND-FOLLOWING SYSTEM trade futures.

A long position being taken in Cotton Futures. I stand back from the chart, as you taught me in P.R., and I don't see an upward trend. Would you please explain how this trade represents
long term trend following? I am certainly missing something. Please see attached.

Thanks much in advance for your thoughts on this.

Warmest Regards:

Thank you for raising this issue.

The term "long" can have at least two meanings in trading.

It can refer to duration as in "long term"; it can also refer to posture as in "long position."

In the case of the Long-Only system, long refers to posture.  The system trades only from the long side.  As you point out it does  not use particularly long-duration parameters.

As with all demo systems on my site, I do not furnish parameters of recommend following the systems. They appear as examples only.
March 12, 2019

Sticking with the System

Dear Ed,

I am part of the Mumbai Tribe.  I trade high-beta stocks which tend to move lot more than the NIFTY50 Index, using a system.

I am long a stock and it opens gap up 15%.

I feel anxiety on losing away the gains and am tempted to consider exiting the position. 

The stocks falls 3% and is now up 12%.  I visualise it falling to -12%, and then back up to +12%. I feel an 'Aha'. 

Whatever is the outcome, I am ready to accept it. The tension eases. I continue to go about with the system without interfering with my trade.

Thank you.
Thank you for sharing your process.
March 12, 2019

Wants to Meet

Dear Ed,

I would love to meet you and discuss with you investment strategies. Same would apply to one of your students – Michael Markus.

Would you please happen to have his email and contact info? 

It seems that both of your records speak volumes as to how can a human effort beat the unbeatable market – and consistently make upwards of 50% returns year in year out. 

Thank you in advance for your time and effort. 

Thank you for reaching out to me.

If you  wish to meet, please see my terms for private consulting.

If you wish to raise issues, for free, on this forum, you may continue to do so.

For both, see Ground Rules, above.
You might consider entering "Michael Markus, Austin TX" into your search engine.
March 9, 2019

The Best


Kindly explain The best support and resistance level calculation method in Commodity Market. 

Thank you for raising this issue.

The "best" generally refers to that which confers the most advantage.

As such, the best things for you depend on your own personal situation and desires.

For example some people might have a higher or lower risk tolerance.

You might consider taking your feelings about <risk> to Tribe as an entry point.

You might also consider engaging back testing to help locate specific parameters.
March 7, 2019


Hey Mr. Seykota,

... I’m a 23 year old trader originally from Brazil. I just felt compelled to write to you after studying you for so long.

I’ve been trading for 6 years, and 2 of the most recent years professionally. I’ve become fascinated with all of your work, and truly believe you are one of the greatest traders of all time, which I’m sure you hear that often.

Anyways all of your theories, and ideas have taught me so much, and helped me achieve things I never thought possible. I’m truly grateful for all you have done for the trading community, and just wanted to let you know even today you are inspiring traders all over the globe! Thanks for all you’ve done, and for being the inspiration that you are!

Yours Truly,

Thank you for acknowledging me and the work.

You can inspire (fill someone else) with the urge or ability to do or feel something creative.

You can also inspire by doing little more than breathing air into your lungs.

Note: the later may also invoke a requirement for expiration.

Inspiration and Expiration


March 7, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report

Dear Ed,

We present here the report of our Trading Tribe meet on 28th Feb 2019. There are 5 members present. We start the meet with the regular jamming session. 

TM1 starts with his check-in. He shares that his trading is getting better and he feels its because joining TT part 2 but again he is aware that this feeling had come to him a lot of time. He says that some of his clients have left him but he is ok with it since he has not been performing well. He doesn’t feel hot. 

TM2 says while he was jamming he had tears in eyes as he remembered the talk with Ed. He says he don’t know the reason may be these are tears of happiness.

He also says that his heart beat is high. He tells that he had a good weekend with his family going to a place to play board games and they played Catan. He says that he didn’t wanted his son to play video games so he found out this place. After the check-in process TM3 points that this can be an entry point where TM2 may be wanting to control his son. 

TM3 informs that his relationship with his father is getting better. He says that his grandparents visited recently and he feels that his grandfather repeatedly says that all his (grandfathers) money is for children’s and he has to spend money carefully. His grandfather also keeps saying “Why do we need so much money? We do not deserve or require so much money.”.  And TM3 feels that this irritates him.  After the check-in process TM5 (TL) points that this can be an entry point. 

TM4 informs that he recently calculated the loss in his personal account due to his urge of trading and finds that he has lost 3 to 4 times more than what he had thought. He does this because he does not want to interfere with the systems he is running for clients.  However, seeing the magnitude of loss, TM4 is alarmed and feels frustrated.  He is willing to work on it but is not hot at the moment.

TM5 informs that he had been sick the last 10 days due to indigestion and visited his hometown. As he was discussing with his family members about the list of people to be called for his marriage, TM5’s father didn’t want to call some relatives and his father was also not willing to share his (the father’s) recommendations. This made TM5 angry and he walked away only to come back in few seconds and tried to resolve the issue. 

The Tribe unanimously agrees that TM5 is the hottest and he takes the HS. TM1 agrees to manage the process. The HS starts by telling the incident. He then starts moving his right hand performing a karate chop on his left hand. He keeps chopping. He describes seeking rhythm while doing repetitive movements.

Then he holds the skin between his left index finger and thumb with his right hand. He presses hard and feels a lot of pain, he asks “why am I putting myself in pain”, looks up and says, “if I’m hurting myself, then stop!”.

He laughs as he gets the Aha! In between he sees the TM3 tapping his toes, and remarks him to keep tapping. As we continue, he also remembers about Girls from school cheering his name in a funny way.

Then he realizes that he is not working out and needs to get back into sport. At one point he stands and then sits on the floor as he would do at the end of a match.

He says he is willing but very tired and wishes to end the process. In the Check-out the PM says he was not satisfied with the his own management. He also said that HS was doing more storytelling than feeling the pain in the body. During checkout, TM4 mentions that the sports field and sports are a recurring theme in TM5’s hot seats. 

TM2 informs the Tribe that he would like to do a process as he feels quite hot. TM3 agrees to be the PM. TM2 starts with stating that he is very excited to think that Ed is coming to India, his heartbeat has increased, he feels it’s above normal and he would like to work on it.

He closes his eyes and soon finds a cold fire on his spine. He wished to observe it. He meanwhile starts shaking his right hand. He informs that there is a pain building on his left shoulder. He soon recollects that when he was 14 years old he had Tuberculosis and water was filled in his left lungs.

He recalls the process for removing the water through an injection from his back. The treatment was for about 9 months and he used to have pain while swallowing. He continues the process and starts to move his left arm forcefully behind the back. He says he wants to punish himself.

The PM freezes him and asks how he feels about it. TM2 says he remembers an incidence from the past but is unwilling to share it with the Tribe.

After some strong forms he shows his willingness to share the incidence. He tells that when we was about 16 years old there was a girl about 12 years old as a neighbour. They used to play together initially then the girl suddenly stopped talking to him for no reason known to him. One day he decided to go to her school. As the girl sat on a cycle rickshaw he tried to ask her the reason for not talking. The girl avoided to talk. This made him angry, he took his scooter driving recklessly. Since that day he found each day the girl was accompanied by her dad to and fro the school. This made him ashamed that he has frighten a small girl for no good reason.    

The Tribe concurs that HS has given himself a Rock around this incident. We role-play this incident.

The Tribe Leader hands over a rock to TM2 stating that “I give you this heart rock. In the situations where you feel ashamed, remember this rock and confront the situation”.

We decide that a good response is that HS can apologize to the Father of the girl. TM4 becomes the girl. TM3 enacts as the father of the girl. In the role-play the father screams at HS. He feels angry and scared at HS being romantically attracted to his young daughter and chasing her on the streets.

HS feels scared at the response of the father, he apologizes and promises that he will not try to meet the girl again. The father accepts his apology. We end the role-play and release TM3 and TM4 from their respective roles. The Rocks Process ends. 

In the check-out TM4 is also amazed that during the process, when HS shares that he (HS) feels a pain in his chest, he attributes to his Tuberculosis treatment. TM4 is unaware of the fact that HS is also a former TB patient. As a former Tuberculosis patient, TM4 is amazed that they both were TB patients.

Thanks & Rgds,
Thank you for sharing your process, for documenting your Tribe meeting and for sharing your insights.

You might consider taking the following issues to Tribe for discussion:
1. Member unwillingness to share or engage process.
2. Members terminating process.
3. Engaging the Rocks Process in name only - without following protocols.

For more information on the TT Rocks Process,
see Essentials in the Shop at Resources, above.

You might consider taking your feelings about <following the system> to Tribe as an entry point.

March 6, 2019



This question has always puzzled me with you.

You mention never risking more than 2.5% of total equity on any one trade.

You also mention a four stock portfolio offering the best ROI (albeit with higher volatility)

I presume you do not trade a four stock portfolio.

One time you mention anyone investing money with you should be able to risk 50% of that capital....

I think it has been shown anyone that holds more 15 stocks cannot beat the averages.

I am guessing you hold 8-12 stocks?

Let's say my stop loss is 50% from entry. The average loss is about half that. If I was following your 2.5% risk is it based on the average stop loss or the maximum? If maximum I would have to hold 20 stocks...IF average i could come down to 12.

Can you tell me how many stocks you hold? No trade secrets there just an interest i have always had. 


Thank you for raising this issue.

I wonder if you can specify exactly where I "mention" all the mentions - and also where "it has been shown."

You might consider taking your feelings about <trading on presumptions and guesswork> to Tribe as an entry point.
March 5, 2019

New Approach

Dear Sir, 

After reading your comments on our meeting report (Feb 17, 2019), I change my approach as a Process Manager.
In our meeting on 28 February, 2019, every time after I freeze the Hot Seat, I ask him if he recalls feeling like this during any incident of his life. The precise question I ask is: "Do you recall having this feeling earlier in your life?" 

At one time during the process, Hot Seat tells me that he does remember an incident, but choses not to share it

As we proceed further, Hot Seat says that he "deserves to be punished" and  choses to share the incident from his when he is around 16 years old.

Hot Seat tells us that he is angry and ashamed at himself for scaring a girl (aged around 12)  he is romantically attracted to. The girl cuts of all contact with HS abruptly.

HS then sees the girl in a rickshaw and then asks her why she is avoiding him. The girl continues to avoid him and does not reply. Angered at this, HS rides away angrily on a scooter, driving recklessly. When HS later sees the girl going to school, he sees that the Girls father always accompanies her and feels ashamed and angry at himself for terrorizing a small girl.

The Tribe concurs that HS has given himself a shame rock around this incident. We roleplay this incident . We decide that a good response is that HS can apologize to the Father of the girl.

I play the role of the father and scream at HS during the roleplay. I feel angry and scared at HS being romantically attracted to a young girl and chasing her on the streets and scaring her. HS apologizes to me and I accept his apology and warn him to keep away from the girl. We end the Hot Seat/rocks process

During the process, HS shares with me that he (HS) feels a pain in his chest, he recalls feeling a similar pain during his Tuberculosis treatment. 

I was unaware of the fact that HS is a former TB patient. I am amazed at the synchronicity that I and HS are both former TB patients  and that I am the Process Manager for his process.

Thank you for sharing your process, for documenting your Tribe meeting and for sharing your insights.

I gather that you successfully assist your client to identify his perpetration (scaring the girl) and to gain absolution through making amends through apology.

Your new process  may, ironically, lead to further perpetrations.

In the Rocks Process, we follow a definite protocol to identify the Stressor, the Client and the Rock Donor.

In this case we might have, the girl as the Stressor, your Tribe Member as the Client and the Rock Donor as (for example) the Client's father.

During the Rocks Process, Client comes to see the Rock Donor scaring someone (his wife, for example) as part his way of dealing with rejection.  Incidentally, the wife might also have a pattern of rejecting people who scare her, so they fit together and create an ongoing cycle - perhaps as a way to avoid committing to Right Livelihood.

The client also comes to see how he receives this Rock (response pattern) from the Rock Donor - and continues to use it again and again as one of his primary organizing principles.

Later in the Rocks Process, the Client comes to "forgive" the Rock back to the Rock Donor, along with acknowledging the Rock Donor's desire to share the Rock with Client to help him cope with the "real world" as he sees it. The client also comes to accept the Heart Rock as a replacement.

A Rock represents a function that links emotion with action.  In this case, you might call the Rock a Rejection-to-Frighten Rock, since it links the feeling of rejection by the girl to the action of frightening the girl.

Calling the Rock a "Shame Rock" indicates misunderstanding the Rocks Process and then going on to invoking apology as a way to medicate feelings of shame. 

Reducing shame may also reduce inhibition to scaring people.

You might consider fortifying your understanding of the Rocks Process by reading TTP Extensions. For more information on the TT Rocks Process, see TTP Essentials in the Shop at Resources, above.

March 2, 2019

Tribe Meeting Report

Hi Ed,

I hope all is well. Writing to FAQ to share  our first Tribe session, it went well.

The Feb 6th session 3 members attend. One of the members is new to Trading Tribe, has read the TT book, and gets right into his forms and supporting others. We all share similar forms of tightness in throat, getting choked up, and gagging. The new member remarks about Fred bringing us together and shares amazement about this.

During the first round of checkouts I notice one member has a recurring form that showed up in another Tribe, of getting into a feeling in his head as a feeling in another part of his body is peaking.

The hot seat thanks me and we discuss Zero-Point and Rocks process to get into this. We agree both can work and I suggest Zero Point to focus on the body feeling. The hot seat agrees and has a very intense session of weight on his shoulders supporting everything, an atlas form emerges and he goes with it, the Tribe cheers him on supporting everything and everyone and it's all on him.

During checkout the hot seat shares that prior to the meeting he went to his parents house to solve his parents problems, even though they didn't ask for his help. He has an ah-ha that he is creating small responsibilities to distract him from big ones -- that he is creating "solving everyones problems" and creating dramas to avoid responsibilities.

We thank him for sharing.

The new member takes the hot seat and gets into tightness in his face, leg rubbing, squeezing fists, swallowing, tired around his eyes, and teeth clenching with "weird big jaw".

The forms quickly move from one to another and at fist squeezing he really gets into it and "doesn't want to be mad any more", the Tribe doubles down in validating the hot seats feelings, we ramp up drumming and really get into encouraging fist squeezing and teeth clenching and "mad". The hots seats shaking peaks, a zero point emerges, and the hot seat comes down.

During checkout the hot seat "doesn't want to think about it, just wants to be", "doesn't want to go through the door", "doesn't want to hate anymore"

We thank him for sharing.

I take the hot seat and get into gagging and an intense pain in my right wrist that leads to shaking my hands vigorously, I stick with it, the Tribe encourages me to ramp it up, and the sharp pain increases and increases, the room seems to dark out and I can hear the other members but I can't see them, I focus on the wrist shaking and the sharp pain transforms into a dull broader wrist pain that fades into muscle soreness.

During checkout I share visions of feeling uncomfortable playing baseball, "nervousness", and gagging during baseball games.

The Tribe thanks me for sharing.

Another round of hot seat proceeds and forms that emerge are "ping pong ball in center throat" that transforms into a "long dry cotton swab" and an admission that during a Breathwork session the hot seat stopped when he started gagging.

Summary notes:

I think there is merit to zero point in focusing on specific forms and exhausting them to allow for other forms to come through. There are times when many forms come through quickly and halting at a peak doesn't result in the collapsing of the Judge that leads to an ah-ha or breakthrough memory, since there are many feelings and judgements that might need multiple sessions to sort out.

Since the meeting all members share positive changes including, left knee pain that has changed, a more open throat, car issues that resolved without much effort, better sleep, jaw no longer swollen "weird", being more outgoing and connecting with others, and getting into other bigger issues.

Thank you for sharing your process, for documenting your Tribe meeting and for sharing your insights.

The Zero-Point process yields rapid "relief" from symptoms and also provides a vivid demonstration of the deep relationships between internal feelings and external situations. It also allows you to "let off steam" in front of other supportive and validating Tribe members.

You might consider monitoring your Tribe for the appearance of 'signature forms," a sign of continuing to use the Zero-Point Process to medicate symptoms - rather than deal with underlying issues.

If you notice the appearance of Signature Forms, you might consider "graduating" to the Rocks Process. 

For more information on the Rocks Process, see reports on FAQ and read TTP Extensions, a pamphlet that comes with The Trading Tribe.

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