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The Whipsaw Song
© 2008 by Ed Seykota


to the tune of "The Crawdad Song,"

a traditional bluegrass tune in the key of A





You get a whip and I get a saw, honey


You get a whip and I get a saw, babe


A                  A7

You get a whip and I get a saw 


One good trend pays for ‘em all.


A              E7    A
Honey, trader, ba-by mine.

(Ride Your Winners):
What do we do when we catch a trend, honey ... etc.
We ride that trend right to the end.


Mandolin (Cut Your Losses):
What do we do when we show a loss, honey ... etc.
We give that dag-gone loss a toss.

(Manage Your Risk):
How do we know when our risk is right, honey ... etc.
We make a lot of money and we sleep at night.
(Use Stops):
What do we do when the price breaks through, honey ... etc.
Our stops are in so there’s nothing to do.


Bass (Stick to the System):
What do we do when a draw down comes, honey
What do we do when it gets real big, babe
What do we do when it's even bigger ...
We stick to the plan and pull the trigger.


Banjo (File the News):
What do we do with a hot news flash, honey ... etc.
We stash that flash right in the trash.