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 Report on visit to Incline Village Tribe

on May 13, 2004


Dear Ed,

Thank you ... and the rest of your tribe again for allowing me to experience the power of Incline Village tribe that comes from your whole tribe’s commitment to Trading Tribe Process and supporting one another.

First off, before the meeting, everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome. When I walked in the door, I was greeted by the passionate musical jam session between you, playing the banjo and [Name], the guitar. The meeting started promptly on time, 7 PM, with all of us drumming. What a centering experience bringing us all into the present, the now of the meeting. Reminding and bonding us that we are here to support one another. In doing so, our music, life, and trading soars. I now know just adding drumming to our meetings we will increase our effectiveness.

Then, we all checked in. Next, Ed asked, “Who wants to work?” Various members including Ed did hot seat or hard ball. The work was done without time limit until the person experienced their feelings. After that person worked, we all went around the room offering feedback including how we were touched. Ed spaces quick five minute breaks in between to give everyone a chance to stretch, etc. So we were clear to focus on the next one.

The sender received love and support from all of us receivers in encouraging the sender to experience their feelings they have wanted to all their life but hadn’t until now. Saying things like: go for it, awesome, amplify your tension, way to go, follow that feeling, you really wanted to feel that, ... So exciting for me to experience the quality of such a big group receivers whom done this work longer than I have. I know the longer I have done this work, the better receiver I evolve into. Oh, in hardball process, when one couldn’t verbalize it, they were encouraged to get into the physical feeling as their answer.

After midnight, you asked if anyone else wanted to work. No one did. So, you had us do our check out. What an evening!

I love the freedom I experience from being part of a Trading Tribe knowing that I and everyone has the complete freedom to be totally honest with themselves and one another because it will stay in the meeting. Only from that freedom can I fully experience my feelings and thereby free Fred from having to create larger dramas to get me to feel that feeling completely.

Those of you who do this work know that both, receivers and senders, gain so much from it. Each is both the student and teacher.

Besides expanding my ability with the process, I gained much as a receiver that night, including Ahas. And the next morning in the shower another whole insight about how my parents’ are still influencing my life and trading. I’m taking those feelings to work on at this Wednesday Tribe meeting.

I was deeply honored to attend. And thanks again, Ed for freely giving your time, experiences, effort, and resources into sharing and expanding the TTP for us all. I can’t wait to share what I learn with our local tribe. And I appreciated the opportunity to share my experience with those whom read the pollinator page.