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April 19, 2004

I wish to share my pollination experience. I am a member of the [City] Tribe and commute every other week to Incline Village. I made a 6 month commitment as I felt the learning opportunity would be tremendous, and that has certainly been the case. The multiplier effect of what I am learning grows rapidly and I highly recommend it.

Here is what I want to share ...

I find the line between sending and receiving seems to blur with the passing of time.

I find the line between TTP and life itself seems to blur with the passing of time.

I have learned that it is not our feelings interfering with our reasoning that sabotages our effectiveness, but rather our reasoning interfering with our feelings.

I realize the ultimate purpose of TTP is to keep the sender on task in feeling those feelings that they hold in judgment. The number of ways the sender (and receivers) can derail the process is unlimited. The most effective way seems to be subtle "hooks" that enroll receivers into an avoidance drama (engaging them at the CM level). As the Tribe becomes proficient in TTP, the hooks seem to lose their effectiveness, maybe entirely.

TTP meetings are organic. Agendas, timelines, and predetermined outcomes do not seem to fit. The issues that need to be addressed have a way of bubbling to the surface. Check in, TTP, check out.

I find the more I experience TTP, the more tuned into entry points I become. An experienced Tribe jumps all over entry points when they present themselves. That perceptiveness also spills over into everyday life. The number of entry points that present themselves throughout the course of a day in my life seems to grow every week. Opportunities abound to grow emotional relationships with those around us.

Sometimes there are no dots to connect between what is experienced in Tribe meetings, and your past or present life. The feelings are experienced, and things seem to change for the better. As Ed would say, figuring things out is optional, and sometimes counterproductive.

I seem to find parallels between happy judging and acceptance. To judge something is to accept it for what it is. Once you accept it, you are then able to determine what role it plays in your life. Grumpy judging never seems to accept things for what they are and operates in terms of avoidance, condemnation, conflict, and control.

If the receivers feel like the sender is not fully experiencing his/her feelings, odds are good they are right.

If I sit here and think long enough, the list just keeps growing. I hope others find it useful. To those considering making the pilgrimage to Incline Village, I can only say that it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I thank Ed for sharing TTP with me. I thank all my fellow tribesmen for helping me grow. I am happy I swallowed the red pill.