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Reports on Visit to the

Incline Village Tribe


Report Date: April 18, 2004

Hi Ed,

Thanks again to you and the rest of the IV tribe for letting me attend your meeting as a guest. I attend a small, but growing tribe that meets every third week. Here are the things I learned...

No time constraints
I take back to my Tribe that TTP cannot be fit into a tight schedule where we reserve a room for an hour and a half and just touch on issues that arise in the hot-seat. Due to the small nature of our London tribe we each have a turn at the hot seat every time we meet. However, at IV there were 3+ hours dedicated to one hot seat participant; including going through several layers of issues, having a break, and then addressing new issues. It is not so much about the 3 hours, but the 'whatever it takes' agenda to give time to whomever is on the hot-seat

I am confident in saying that all the London members get a lot out of our meetings. An unconstrained time table will help more.

Focus on feelings and not stories
The IV members are all very good at separating the wheat from the chaff. There is minimal story telling allowed and the members receiving bring the hot-seat participant back into focus quickly if the CM pops up too much. There is a pre and post meeting time when people can share personal stories and a break during the actual TTP session which allows one to stretch the legs etc.. This allows all members to re-focus when the meeting reconvenes. All of this adds to the hot-seat time being more effective.

I learned a lot that evening and can't wait for our meeting on Wednesday.