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July 11 - 20, 2005


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Wed, 20 Jul 2005


A Feeling Release Exercise

by Van Tharp

Dear Chief Ed,

The recent Feeling Release piece by Tharp seems very much like it has been inspired by TTP; or could it just be another co-incidence ?

Wishing you well,

See Mainstream, below.




Van Tharp


Trying to find ways

to make money

by applying TTP ideas

in a traditional therapeutic model.


Clip: http://www.suinversion.com/


Wed, 20 Jul 2005


TTP Shows Up in Mainstream,

... well, Sort Of


See Psychology and Trading

FAQ: June 25, 2005



I thank you for your contribution. Please see the article from a Mainstream therapist, below. I feel recognition when I see this and it makes me smile.


What if all of your problems were psychological problems?  What if you could get whatever you want just by eliminating the psychological roadblocks to it?   What if you didn’t understand any of this and as a result you are stuck right where you are now, making very little progress?   Interested? Well read on.

The following is just one of many examples of people getting stuck psychologically and thinking it’s something else.   Most people who enter trading are good at problem solving.   Quite often they come from engineering backgrounds where they are trained at problem solving.   But what if the very act of trying to solve a problem was what kept you stuck?

Jim was an electrical engineer by trade.   He was great at solving problems until he got into trading.   However, with trading he found that he got really stuck in trading positions.  He’d figure out great systems and then get stuck trying to execute them.   And he was always wondering why.  This became a new problem for him to work on.  But the more he worked on it, the more frustrated he became.

For such frustration, I always recommend the feeling release exercise ...

When Jim came to me, his initial requirement was to release the feeling of frustration.   He did that and felt a great relief.  It now felt like he could move on with his life.

... I said, what if you just release the feelings that have to do with “trading being a problem that you need to solve.”

...  The frustration was a knot in his solar plexus and a tightness in his throat.  He could relate to that as a feeling.  But wanting to solve a problem didn’t seem like a feeling.

My response to this was ... "are you willing to just let it go?” ... “Now,” I repeated, “are you willing to let it go?”

“No, I don’t think so,”  said Jim.

“Well, then, are you willing to allow it to be there … to embrace it.”

“I’m not sure,”  said Jim.

”Would you rather have the feeling or would you rather be at peace,”  I responded.

“Hmm,” said Jim, “it feels different now.  In fact, I think it’s starting to disappear.  Yes, I think it’s gone.” 

..  if you are trying to figure out a problem you are going into the past.  You can’t deal with the present -- what the market is doing -- because you are trying to deal with the past in figuring out the problem.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about all of these issues before, but I’m recommending that you do now.  Perhaps the trading process is much more psychological than you ever thought.  


Perhaps its not about solving problems after all.

This is a good example of the kind of think that can happen when you try to convert TTP  into one-on-one therapy, without a Tribe.


The practitioner and patient typically set an implicit goal, namely to get the patient's feelings to release and go away.


In TTP, we do not aim to evict feelings.  We look for the positive intention of feelings and we aim to integrate the positive intentions of the feelings.


The therapist uses the label, "frustration," and enumerates feelings to develop and explain this concept.


In TTP we consider labels to be  counterproductive in that they tend to draw the sender out of his feelings and back into his mind. We use physical forms as handles for feelings.


The therapist uses manipulation, bordering on extortion, to motivate the patient to release, as in: "would you rather have the feeling or be at peace."


In TTP, we use the healing field of acknowledgment and relentless validation that a Tribe can so profusely supply.


In TTP we hold all feelings have positive intentions.  We do not attempt feeling-ectomies or offer false choices between the now feeling and peacefulness.


In TTP, we encourage the sender to develop his feelings, and ride with them, wherever they go.  Upon integration, all feelings lead to the Zero Point.


A therapist normally expects to receive payment for his services, to maintain a formal therapist / client relationship and to conceal his own feelings and issues.


In TTP, each member of the Trading Tribe trades turns being sender and receiver.  No money changes hands between senders and receivers.


The therapist's patient says "Yes, I think it's gone,"  indicating he believes that (1) you can deal with feelings by thinking about them and (2) getting rid of feelings constitutes success.


In TTP, when someone successfully integrates his feelings, and reaches the zero point, everyone in the Tribe can feel it.


In traditional therapy, the therapist may lose a client if he gets better.


In TTP, when a sender unties some k-nots, and re-integrates more feelings, he becomes a better receiver.


In traditional therapy, the patient expects to finish in exactly one 50-minute hour.


In TTP, we go until the sender is complete.





In Traditional Therapy


The therapist invites

the patient to his office

for some quality one-on-one

commercial time.


The exercise may be useful

in identifying issues

to take to Tribe.



Clip: http://www.aisee.com/


Tue, 19 Jul 2005


Global Economic Collapse

see FAQ, Jun 29, 2005

Hi Ed,

I read your recent FAQ updates and I am intrigued by the item concerning the (alleged) Julian Robertson interview by Ron Insana.


The tone seems especially apocalyptic and politically inflammatory for a mainstream news report, so it makes me curious about the source. I dig a bit on the internet and find a link that appears to be the interview in question (from May 24, 2005).


Robertson does say a few things in the interview that are quoted in the piece that the FAQ reader submits to your site, but I judge the overall tone of the interview and Robertson's message to be much different from the tone and content of the piece that the reader submits to FAQ.

Interestingly (to me), I dig a bit further and find that the original source of the text that the reader submits to FAQ is likely an article written by someone named Al Martin. Apparently, Al wrote an article "based on" the interview.


It is that article that adds the content about the "Bush-Cheney Regime" and several of the other more out of character quotes attributed to Robertson.


The link to Martin's website, which I in no way endorse, is:


 http://www.almartinraw.com/ .


The content of that site is spot on with what is in the article.

Amazing what 10 minutes on Google can yield.

I find all this mildly entertaining, and I thought you might as well, since you point out several times on FAQ and elsewhere that, "People often attribute quotes to me that I do not recall uttering." There is another one for you, in case you are in any danger of being overly accurately quoted lately ;)

Yours, with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek!


In my internet sleuthing, I find the Martin piece is borrowed by several sites that seem to be hawking gold and silver bullion.


Perhaps it is poetic justice that Martin's ramblings are employed by eager capitalists as propaganda to presumably try to separate the common man from whatever meager earnings he has before the "Bush-Cheney regime" gets it all.

Good job of digging in and exposing inaccuracies. 


The FAQ item no longer carries any attribution to Robertson.

Tue, 19 Jul 2005


Punctum Problems

Something interesting has happened to me recently. When I first visited you in Incline Village - we were sitting on the couch and you practiced something on me that looking back I realize was a form of TTP.


We sat there and you are just sitting there, an arm's length away and you are just sitting there, quietly just looking at me. You seem very empathetic, and very attentive to whatever is going on with me. You give me no instruction, you just sit there paying attention to me. I begin to experience an up-welling of tears, and I have no idea where this is coming from. You tell me "You have a lot of sadness," if I recall correctly.

Anyway, right now, I am having a similar issue. For the last several months my right eye has been tearing constantly, as it always does, but the right-side punctum, the funnel structure at the entrance of the tear duct which drains the tears from my eyes is closed up and doesn't function properly.


So the result is my eye is tearing all the time, blocking my vision and bringing up distressing feelings about getting old and things falling apart. I have been to the doctor several times over the course of the last couple of months and he is mystified.


Rounds of drops to treat bacterial, viral and allergic causes are of no help. Twice the doctor has reamed out the tear duct with all manner of probes, including a diaper pin in one case. No help.


Now he wants to insert silicone plugs into the punctum to try and get it to remember how to stay open. I think I need a better doctor, and have deferred doing anything about this till I get another opinion. My doctor is at a loss to explain it or do anything about it other than to refer me to a plastic surgeon to implant a prosthetic tear drainage system into my eye.

I think it is possible that this may be some sort of k-not induced blockage, or a drama to get me to feel the feelings of getting old and feeling physically vulnerable, but I have been doing TTP every fortnight for the last year now and I have cleared several issues and this has emerged. I don't know that that that is the answer.

Any insight you might provide would be appreciated.

Your tearing-up might be due to:

1. some physiological effect of punctum constriction.

2. some inner desire to tear up / release emotion.

3. something else.

If it has to do with feelings, then logic [such as finding a reason for sadness] is likely to miss the mark. 


If it's really a k-not, then you are "not" likely to be able to untie it logically.

TTP just goes with the feelings wherever they go.


For that, your Tribe is essential in keeping you on track with your emotional explorations, despite your tendencies to avoid uncomfortable feelings and figure it out logically.

One self-diagnostic might be to ask yourself if you are willing to share the depth of your tears with your Tribe and with your wife and if your Tribe and wife are both supportive in facilitating you to do so.

If you are, indeed, able to have a full and deep emotional release with all your significant others - to the point of joyously enjoying it - then you are likely pretty much flat on any associating k-nots.




Punctum Plugs


act to close the punctum

and offer relief from dry eyes.


In the rare case

where the punctum closes



the subject may report

persistent tearing.


Clip: http://www.fci-ophthalmics.com/


Tue, 19 Jul 2005


Gloom & Doom

re FAQ, June 29, 2005


FYI, I don't think the comments that were attributed to Julian Robertson are accurate. I've watched the tape and he comments on the housing bubble and mentions Japan but never says anything about Bush or economic collapse.


The vast majority of these comments can be traced to some gold and silver bugs who were commenting on what Robertson said.

Good Catch!


The item on FAQ no longer carries any attribution to Robertson.




Julian Robertson


A writer takes one of his speeches

about economics


adds a section on paranoia politics


and uses it to recommend

precious metals.



Clip: http://money.cnn.com/2000/05/



Tue, 19 Jul 2005


London Workshop

Ed Says: I have about 15 people willing to attend a London Workshop. I am looking for a critical mass of about 30.

I am willing to attend a London TTP Workshop.

I am currently studying locations and dates.




I'm Warming Up


to the idea

of a Workshop in Europe.



Clip: http://www.hospitalgowns.com/


Tue, 19 Jul 2005


May 05 Workshop Update


It now feels like a lifetime since I attended the May 05 workshop. From May until the last week of June my account is up over 20% with bet sizes still fixed at 2% of my account. I am in the zone, focused, calm, alert, into my fitness and available to take opportunities as they arise. I have given up all resistance to the markets, I enjoy going with the flow, I enjoy the now. I do not look at my P/L, my short term results are irrelevant. I am in a great space.

Our trading tribe is going well I am now the chief and really enjoy the challenge. I often get stuck when sending and so I need to do more work in this area. I have much to learn and am motivated by this.

My snapshot is progressing well. I am continually amazed at the resources that have come my way recently in order to achieve it. People, books and personal findings seem to appear at appropriate times to give me guidance, inspiration and wisdom. I am “enjoying the now” and will be living by the beach by the end of the year.

Kindest Regards

Thank you for sharing your experience with others.




A Day at the Office



Clip: http://www.neystadt.org/john/




Mon, 18 Jul 2005


Now and Back-Testing

Dear Ed,

Thank you very much for your book.

I like the chapter "NOW".

But what about back-testing in system trading?

What else back testing brings to us but illusion that we are able to use market information from the past in the future,
knowing that both of them do not exist?

Don't you think back testing can be helpful for generating trader's confidence only?

I am 3 years in trading, made a lot of back tests, currently trading my own system but have some doubts about direction of my trading improving.

Back testing can help you experiment with various methods for trend identification and risk management until you find some combinations that suit your temperament.


Any back testing you do, and any subsequent trading you do, all occur in the moment of now.




This Diligent Back-Tester


records her notes

after every test.


Clip: http://www.gymtide.com/images/




Mon, 18 Jul 2005


Trading Tribe Book

Dear Ed,

thank you for this great book. I received the book on Saturday. I started it reading it. It is fascinating. I read it with English translation and an foreign translation book. it is very compact written.


I feel an direct effect. I became more quite balanced I get my brain more clear and focusing. I got more power by swimming. Done a swimming exercise to day 2-km in a lake great feeling.


I put the workshop with you for next year on my wish list. When a wish is on the wish list, I forget the wish and after looking on the wish list a year later 90% of the wishes has come true.


I am a future trader. I and my wife trading futures the last 4 years with profit. In the beginning we do it together and changing the power of the trading decision.


Now every one is trading his own money. My wife trade it in 5-10 min time frames and end of day. I try to develop a trading style with an trend following approach. But we still on the very beginning. so we feel us as student in trading. Try to keep the capital. learn who we are. Learn listen to Fred.

All the best to you.


Sun, 17 Jul 2005


Currencies, Intention, Elliot Wave

Dear Ed,

Do you believe that in order to be successful in trading currencies one must ignore the intraday price movements and noise and follow the broader trends?

Also, have you ever used Elliot Wave analysis in your own trading? If not, why? If yes, why?

Finally, last night I was playing cards with some friends. I was not that into the game and quickly found myself close to being wiped out.


I then noticed my thoughts about not caring if I won and taking the appropriate actions to achieve victory.


After this, I became intent upon winning and am employed basic trading rules that the majority of us out there fail to utilize or reinforce in ourselves. I did the

I used solid risk management.

I bet only when the odds were clearly in my favor.

If I played a hand and the odds changed, I folded. (Stop Loss)

If I did not have a hand I did not hold on and 'hope' for my cards to show up.

Bet sizes were only increased when I did have a high percentage of winning.

All the while I stayed patient, focused upon the outcome I intended for myself, stuck to my rules, and not to my surprise, I won.


Intentions do indeed equal results.

Elliott Wave is a subjective indicator, not a mechanical trading system.  As such, there is no way to back-test it or to employ it consistently.


2. Elliott Wave is also an arm dynamic, typically indicating the direction toward Chicago or New York, useful for bidding farewell to trading equity.




Elliott Wave


Good-bye Dollars.

I hope you enjoy Chicago.



Clip: http://www.w3.org/2000/Talks/


Sun, 17 Jul 2005


Wants a Blank Page


At least post a blank page. It is 20 days now, since your last publication.



click here for blank page

Fri, 15 Jul 2005


Trading Tribe Report

Dear Ed,

The [City] Tribe meets twice -- after a long pause. Meeting dates must fit the schedule of one member whose work shifts vary.


Meeting time is limited so we try to be efficient and sometimes sacrifice some thoroughness doing the process. It is a trade-off that I consider very workable. We are currently meeting approximately weekly.

We are now a close and cooperative tribe. In addition to doing check-ins and hotseats, we are working together on various topics related to studying technical analysis, trading systems, computer coding (C++), gleaning and sharing info from the website on topics like Polarity, re-integration, hardball, snapshot. We have the goal of learning to do all the Tribe processes well.

Recently, both of our hotseat issues are not directly related to trading. My issue has to do with my not working on/completing 4 unfinished books. At the beginning I go into this extreme slouching posture with little emotion, which I evaluate as "being spineless, melting, disintegrating, being nothing" because I am not completing these books.


motions of sadness later come up around missing out on a key part of my life purpose. Receiver encourages me to feel all of the above and "like nothing, a nobody, etc."


Later anger and resentment comes up as I get in touch with hating to write, being sick of editing and editing and editing, bored with it now, bitching that those books should have already been published so I can move on, write something else, write follow-up books, receive feedback from readers etc.

During the process, I see new insights into my feelings about my writing and myself. No dramatic emotional fireworks, body pains or AHA's, but useful information and intuition. And at this moment feel this and related issues could be profitably revisited as a Hotseat at some point. In addition, I have processed all the new thoughts and self-evaluations that came up on the Hotseat with a technique I regularly use.

At a Tribe meeting 6 days later I hotseat my fear of long term trading, taking a position and turning off the screen and walking away, keeping a position on overnight. I have never done anything but very undisciplined, unsuccessful and emotional day trading. (We both have the goal of being long term trend followers and my partner actually has some experience doing that)

As soon as receiver suggests that I experience getting and taking a signal and going long a soybean contract (and walking away) I feel this energy start moving in my head, face and spine, I writhe around and double over in my chair at some point with feelings of fear, anxiety and paralysis.


This fades and I ask Receiver to amp it up by saying to me now that I have promised Ed and the IVTT that I will take all signals --- and NOW I get a signal to go long. Again the anxiety and paralysis, writhing, moaning, whimpering, going fetal, etc. starts even more intensely.


I can't do it! I can't pull the trigger! I say stuff like "I'm in a jam here, I'm a liar and a coward now, I'm deluded to think I can trade, I can't learn to f-ing trade, am now held in contempt by others in the tribe because I can't keep my word", go through feelings of shame and wanting to hide. Receiver does his job well and encourages and cheers all; has me keep looking and scanning; keeps putting the scenario before me to trigger me. All this stuff fades, comes back, fades, etc.

As we complete I see there is no shame in not taking a signal if you don't know what you are doing - and I don't - yet; if you don't have a trading system that is tested and proven - and I don't - yet. My fear and anxiety and even paralysis is keeping me from destroying my trading account. Receiver reminds me that creating and testing a trading system will obviate a lot of this anxiety also.

I am increasingly grateful for the entire tribe
experience, for you and for all other tribe members. I do other techniques that are beneficial and therapeutic but view the Trading Tribe, its processes and the Tribe community as the most beneficial thing that I have access to. Thank you Ed.

Thank you for sharing your experience with others.




TTP Can Help Re-Frame

the act of pulling the trigger


from a drama


to just another activity

that is sometimes appropriate.



Clip: http://www.strangepersons.com/


Thu, 14 Jul 2005


Snapshot of a Devout Atheist

HI Ed,,

This is a follow-up on my snapshot that I had written to the tribe about in the past.

Major portions of the snapshot became reality, but, NOT in the manner I expected. And, I found that very interesting.

In my snapshot I am looking at my software application while sitting in an office-room that was an extension to a house. There is a water-fall somewhere in the background.


And, while getting approvals from my tribe members on my snapshot, I have said the following things:

1. I do NOT need to get paid for the software, but, I need to be able to complete it and show it to customers who would like it.

2. The software is being demo-ed on a laptop in a little office that is built as an extension to a house.

3. There is a little water-fall somewhere in the background.

Each of the above elements became reality with some significant differences:

1. I was hoping that whoever that would like it will pay for it immediately. And, everyone who saw it made encouraging noises, but, needed time to evaluate and buy/resell.

2. I thought of the house as my home, but, I never said that aloud. And, the final demo was done in someone's ranch - this was entirely unplanned - that fit the description in my snapshot.

3. There is a little water-fall in the background in this house where the demo was done.

I realize NOW that it is extremely important to "communicate" clearly of what I want.

The following summarizes my experience well:

You create much of your experience by the words you speak. When you verbalize an idea, you send out energy telling yourself and universe of an intention, and it is more likely to come to pass. Watch your words and speak only of what you would want to have in your world.

Warm regards,

When you keep the truth in your words, your words keep coming true.




If The Intention Snapshot

contains a waterfall


a waterfall typically appears

in the result.



Clip: http://www.sterlinghealthcenter.com/



Thu, 14 Jul 2005


Lansing Tribe


Hello Ed,


I'm interested in starting a Trading Tribe in Michigan.



Welcome !







Thu, 14 Jul 2005


Artificial Feeling

Dear Ed,

After a very vigorous hot seat by a fellow tribe member who goes through a lot of forms and motions, I get pumped up from cheering him out loud from the bottom of my lungs. So I volunteer and find myself on the hot seat next. I feel like I have lots of energy and want to work on what's the feelings that lie beneath.

I start with asking myself what stands between me and my snapshot.


I had this powerful snapshot while I was attending mass over the weekend, in which I see myself as a marathon runner at the end of the race, entering the stadium, with the crowds cheering. As I cross the finish line, I am dead tired, absolutely exhausted. I drop down to kneel on the ground, and tears come out as I feel that I've given it all, and I am leaving with no regrets. All the hard work pays off, and it's all worthwhile. When I have that image, I really feel it and tears start to drop. To persevere, commit, give all I can is something that really moves me, because that seems to be what I am missing the most.

For the last two hot seats, the group spontaneously decides to use a heavy dose of drumming as a way to receive. And this time, I request to take the experiment further to use drumming almost exclusively and reduce the verbal communication to the least. I start feeling some buzzing around my head as I start describing my snapshot, and I get into a rhythm of moving my hands with the drums.

In fact, I am determined to keep moving my hands. I want to keep moving it no matter what it takes. And so I just do that, and the drumming makes it even more tempting. I keep moving my hands in all sorts of ways, sometimes shaking them, sometimes as if I'm digging a hole, sometimes as if I'm swimming freestyle, sometimes as if I'm throwing a disc, just constant motion and not let it stop.

Sometimes I move my feet too to go with the hands' movement. I feel like in a workout, sweating my butt off. I feel like I'm pushing myself to see how far I can go, keep saying to myself that I cannot quit, as if I'm the coach yelling at the player to tell him to go even further no matter how tired he is. I have images of Lance Armstrong, whom I've just read about his decisive success at the first stage in the Alps where he greatly extends his lead over his rivals, because he manages to go through the very brutal mountain with relative ease while everyone else struggles. I just feel like I need to relentlessly keep going with my sheer will and go farther than anyone, and no one can beat me. If I feel tired, I know others must be even more exhausted.

Yeah, the arms grow tired. Especially my left shoulder. It has been in violent motion for so long that I can barely life it up. I keep trying to keep it parallel to the floor, but it is REALLY painful to do so. It reminds me of the pain of giving birth, even though I am a guy and have no kids, not even married. It is so painful but I keep going at it.

Actually, thinking back now, I just read the FAQ earlier in the day in which you say, "Willingness to experience feelings in the now transforms pain into a passing AHA." (6/2/05) So I keep going at it. It's a REALLY sharp pain on the left shoulder. I finally muster enough strength to just raise my arm straight up, which ironically it's actually more comfortable staying that way once I get it straight up.

The left arm starts feeling numb, but I just let it be and want to see how that goes. Then it drops, but I quickly push it back so that it goes straight up again. Surprisingly the entire numbness which is so overwhelming a moment ago is gone.

I go over countless cycles of struggling to get my arm up, breakthrough it, drops it back to parallel (to the floor), lots of pain to hold it that way that I have to twist my body to lessen the pain and then all over again. I just feel like I need to get to the root of the pain, that I need to reach the point where I can willingly accept the feeling of pain.

But in the end, the word "epic struggle" somehow keeps popping up in my head. I am doing all these, but for what? Isn't what I am doing now something that is unnatural to me, and really serves no real purpose. Isn't it better just to be myself, just the way I like it? Even though I can't quite accept it fully, I quiet down all my hands motions and return to stillness and open my eyes.

Throughout the session, the receivers have been drumming all along, and with minimal amount of words.


Unlike the last two times where they report very encouraged about the using drums to help the sender, this time they are not encouraged by my hot seat experience.

In particular, they reflect back to me that it feels like I'm testing them, that everything I go through on the hot seat is scripted, that I'm trying to will things to happen, that I analyze too much, that working my body till it breaks or any other form of self-inflicted pain isn't TTP, and that I may be using the physical pain to avoid feeling the real, truly underlying emotional pain.

Since my snapshot and what I crave for most is about the feeling that comes through perseverance and giving it all, I am not surprised that I often find myself putting into these physical struggle on the hot seat / breath work in order to feel like I'm working, believing that my intention to overcome it can make it happen.

Am I just artificially creating feelings, particular the pain in my shoulder? Or is it actually a judge that I need to fully experience in order to move into deeper territory? Or am I just using TTP to extend my drama? Is trying to figure out the feelings just another form of fundamental analysis?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

The work of the Tribe is to support you going wherever you go, including analyzing things and testing the tribe.


The extent to which a Tribe invalidates expressions, it prevents senders from melting judgments and spilling k-nots.




When I accept You



that you do not accept me,


I set us both free.



Clip: http://store.ic.org/images/


Thu, 14 Jul 2005


Uncanny Coincidences

Fellow TT members and Chief Ed,

Since the breath workshop four days ago, in trading, I'm going with my system and in personal life, I am also expressing my thoughts and feelings without holding back. I am entering trades upon signal, working stops and other price points with discipline.

I am profitable. I am also working on fully automating the system. I have some backtest results now but I plan to send what I've committed to when the work is complete to my satisfaction.

I feel better after the breath workshop, I feel much much better. It is a good feeling of making friends with the old anxiety, anger, regret and dejection.

There have been uncanny coincidences in regards to my issues - personal, personnel, relationship and social - since the workshop.

And all occurrences are what I had pictured. It is simply amazing.

I intend to stick with this - trading plan, expressing thoughts and feelings etc the rest of my life!


Thank you for sharing your experience with others.


Coincidences and synchronicities seem to confirm the process of intention manifesting as results.




Joe Horns and JoAnn Hornes

meet on a blind date


and find they have

an uncanny number

of things in common.



Clip: http://www.jarmodesigns.com/



Wed, 13 Jul 2005


Application to attend IV TT


I read Market Wizards (MW) a few years ago. A couple of concepts in the book are in my thoughts. Reading Trend Following I discover the concepts of MW in my mind is where Jack’s interview of you is detailed. So I devour the Trading Tribe web site, and Book, and commit to grow – I am ready Ed.

My life has been a DIM process. As I break the DIM mind-set, going with the flow becomes real, I sense results and they feel good! I seek help with my transformation from DIM to TTP, and from living in the past and future, to living in the NOW.

I contact the [City] tribe without success. So I request admission into the IV TT and wait for decision from you.

The next Workshop may be in Europe.

Wed, 13 Jul 2005


Question about Lake Ratio


hope all is well. I have a quick question about the Lake Ratio: To derive the Lake Ratio do you divide the cumulative water areas by the cumulative earth area over the testing period?


I am using the ratio to evaluate my system and want to make sure I understand it correctly. I hope the breath work weekend is a success.

Best wishes and thanks for all your help.

The Lake Ratio is a visual model to support the notion of drawdown.


A ratio is a dimensionless quotient.


To compute the Lake Ratio, divide area by area.



Lake Ratio


See Risk Management Article

at Resources, above

Tue, 12 Jul 2005


Tribe Update

Five people express interest in coming together to work TTP. We meet several times and our intention so far is to talk and we succeed at that.


The satisfaction we receive from talking about our feelings seems to be diminishing and seems to be changing to a feeling of anxiety.


For me that feeling is an unsettled stomach. I want to feel that more with our Tribe.



Progressing from:


talking about feelings




experiencing them


seems to be part of the natural evolution of a Tribe.

Tue, 12 Jul 2005


New Delhi, India

Respected Ed Sir,

I would like to start a tribe in New Delhi, India.


Please also do guide me on how to invite other people to join the tribe. What should be the criteria to allow others to join this tribe?

I just obtained The Trading Tribe book, ordered through my cousin in US, and have to go through it.

How the tribe can be run if I could not get any persons to join my tribe ?

Also please clarify whether I can allow my family members to join the tribe or not if I don't get any other persons to join the tribe.



Welcome !


New Delhi







A listing for your group appears on the Tribe Directory Page. 


The rest is up to you

Tue, 12 Jul 2005



Ed says: I do not not judge the events as good or bad.


This is actually something I've been pondering for quite a while now and you just bring it to the surface. I keep hearing / reading from many people whom I greatly respect (like you, sir) talk about how all events are merely neutral, that it's our judgment that labels them good or bad.

And I can understand that one can never know, for what seems to be the greatest failure can turn out to be the greatest thing that has ever happened in that non-existent future down the road.

But by our very nature we do have our own preference in how things are, don't we? While you do not insist how this world "should" operate, don't you have a preference, all else being equal, that you'd prefer Event X over Event Y?

For example, while I absolutely understand I can't control it, I'd still prefer the flight to go on time than a delay. I prefer the baby to be born healthy than with a defect. I prefer a breezy sunny day over a muggy rainy day. Right, I can't make it sunny or rain, and I won't fret about it if it turns out muggy, but all else being equal, I like it to be a breezy and sunny day more than a muggy and rainy day.

Since having preference is a natural part in us, doesn't it then make us view events as "better" or "worse", which is just another form (maybe to a lesser extent, but still) of judging "good" or "bad"?


Or are you at the stage where you completely remove any preference and are totally indifferent to everything? Can you please kindly share some of your insights. Thanks Ed.

People have conscious  preferences for red or blue, healthy or sick, profit or loss.


Good and bad are judgments people add to their preferences. 


These judgments put preferences in k-nots and sometimes work to deliver events that are the opposite of the preference.


In order to materialize your preference for gain, you might consider taking to your Tribe any judgments (right and wrong) you might have about loss.



Some Clever Ideas


like trying to acquire super powers

by hooking your tongue

up to car battery


might be an attempt to

act out k-nots


rather than manifest

conscious intentions.



Note: Do not try this idea

without adult supervision.



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Tue, 12 Jul 2005



Ed says: Putting things in tension helps manifest intention.

Can you please elaborate on what do you mean by putting tension? For example, I intend to find my right livelihood and live everyday fully. How do I put tension to it? Thanks.

Tension is a pulling force that produces extension.  Pushing produces compression. 


Tension acts on vibrating strings, elevator cables and bicycle chains.


Intention is a sense of purpose that leads to action.




Tension Communicates Intention




These Nuts and Hooks

allow the banjoist

to adjust his head tension.




This Clamp Compresses

the man's head.


This produces

a compression headache,

not a tension headache.



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