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Radial Momentum

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Some References to Bernoulli's Principle

Theoretically Correct References

These references, based on clear thinking, are few and far between, often righteous and angry, and rightly so.

Bernoulli and the hump theory do not apply to airplanes. - Gale M. Craig

Theoretically Incorrect References

These references contain incorrect application of Bernoulli's Principle.

Airplanes, baseballs and fatty deposits - Bo Lou, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Ferris State University

Where there is slow flow in a fluid, you will find increased pressure - Tufts, LEGO toys, and NASA

How wings work - students of Dr. Weber, Mark Hatfield Marine Science, Newport, Oregon.

How carburetors work - Digger Jr.

Wind tunnel experiment - Texas A&M

Bernoulli makes wings fly - The Hangar aviation page

Bernoulli makes Frisbees fly - Timothy Gartner, Turn of River Middle School, Stamford, CT.

Student demonstrations of Bernoulli - Oak Canyon Jr. High School, Lindon, UT.

Physics of Baseball - Think Quest, Advanced Network and Services, Inc.

Bernoulli demonstrations - NASA Learning Technologies Project

"The (Bernoulli) principle may be applied to the flow over surfaces such as airplane wings." - Microsoft Bookshelf 98.

For thousands more like these, all wrong, aim your search engine at Bernoulli, spelled with two L's or sometimes one.

Miscellaneous Interesting References of Quality

These references are largely historical and informational.

Daniel Bernoulli and the making of the fluid equation - IRCD group.

Family tree, some history and a picture - Moon J. Lee

Biography of Daniel Bernoulli - University of St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland



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You have made a very good webpage to show the misunderstanding of the Bernoulli Effect/Equation!

Already in 1895 Otto Lilienthal in Germany showed that pressure changes due to curved paths, which is the radial momentum effect!

Sending you some links of Flight Physics I have collected since 1995!

Best Regards


Ground Effect


Weltner Lift


Weltner Bernoulli


How do wings work?



Hoffren AIAA report


F18 Soundbarrier and highspeed pass


Beaty Gif pictures smokepuls plus SAAB 2000


Prof. Colombinis photogallery

Lift from spinning balls:

This website gives a lot of references all back to Newton/Robbins !

Reversed Magnus effect explained:

Wrong Lift explanations:


False Bernoulli explanations:

US AirForce Museum:

Dr. John S. Denker online aerodynamic book. Wrong Liftexplanation explained by ”Circulation flow ”creating” the Velocity Field”: