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Biography for Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota

Ed Seykota appears in numerous books, including the Market Wizards series, notably for his trading, his pioneering work in futures trading systems design and his mentoring of other traders.

In the early 1990's he forms the Trading Tribe, originally a group of traders who commit to excellence and to supporting each other in interfacing their trading systems with their personal psychology. The Trading Tribe subsequently evolves into a world-wide support network for people from all walks of life. Lately, Ed envisions applying the Trading Tribe and the Trading Tribe Process (TTP) as a commercial enterprise that implements Intimacy-Centric organization.

Ed's other interests include the development of dynamic feedback system models to describe and explain the behavior of the overall economy. In his latest book Govopoly in the 39th Day he shows how our current economic symptoms follow from the assimilation of the free-competition sector by the Govopoly system.

Ed likes to spend weekends on his Ranch in Bastrop, Texas, where he communes with horses and cattle, plays the banjo and watches the grass grow.

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Feelings, Emotions and Forms
excite our automatic response paterns (Rocks).
Some Rocks generate medicinal responses
while others generate pro-active responses.

In the TTP Rocks Process
participants identify their Medicinal Rocks
and replace them with Pro-Active Rocks.

In the Trading Tribe Process (TTP)
participants form a "healing field of acknowledgment
and encourage the client (guy on the "hot seat")
to identify and intensify his feelings,
especially ones he does not like.

In the Zero-Point Process
the client observes his feelings intensify
and then dissipate.

In the Rocks Process,
the process manager interrupts the process at the freeze point,
so that the client can further examine his response patterns
and replace Medicinal Rocks with Pro-Active Rocks.