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October 10-12, 2014 - Puerto Rico

The Big Wave

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Course Material

TTP (The Trading Tribe Process) includes a collection
of educational methods for personal growth.

A TTP Workshop presents this material interactively,
with some theory and mostly practice,
for participants who commit to getting great results in their lives -
and to assisting others to get great results in theirs.

Participants come to realize that their daily lives
mostly consist of ritualistic, dramatic, medicinal and addictive activities
that contribute little toward right-livelihood. 

Meanwhile, a few activities, many of them subtle and unconscious,
determine the courses of their lives. 

The workshop aims to assist each participant
to identify, celebrate and share his own special gifts -
and to identify and reduce the level of unproductive drama.

Sometimes the entire workshop meets as a whole
for discussions and check-ins.

Other times it breaks into smaller work-groups.

This workshop does not provide psychological therapy.
None of the presenters have licenses or training to perform therapy,
and no one intends or attempts to conduct therapy.

If you currently have a therapeutic engagement,
please confirm, prior to applying for admission,
that your therapist considers this workshop
consistent with the course of your therapy.

TTP consists of educational methods
to gain personal insights (AHA's) by engaging various processes.

To learn more about TTP, see the FAQ pages,
and read The Trading Tribe.

The workshop participants determine
the specific content of the course
by the issues they bring to the workshop. 


In the TTP Rocks Process we locate Medicinal Rocks,
fore-give them back to their donors
and replace them with Pro-Active Heart Rocks.

This generally results in an immediate, deep and lasting
shift in how the client views the world,
and how he projects his world view onto others.

This can create a profound change in basic personality
and results in automatic and effortless discovery of right-livelihood
and associating improvements in relationships, career and happiness.

For more on the TTP Rocks Process, see TTP Extensions,
free by download and also available as hard copy.

For an introduction to TTP, read The Trading Tribe.

For an introduction to System Modeling and Trading,
read Govopoly in the 39th Day.


The course material follows the concerns and goals of the participants.

This section lists some of the concerns from current applicants.

[Under Construction as People Submit their Applications]


In addition,The Workshop
generally deals with the following core issues:

How to use TTP - Case Studies and Stories.
How to Integrate TTP and Trading.
How to Find Rocks that Interfere with Trading.
How to Get a Tribe Up and Running.
How to Deal with Drawdowns.

How to Untie K-nots and Release Judgments.
How to Track Feelings and Emotions.
How to Parse Feelings into Elements:
Temperature, Pressure, Size, Texture,
Color, Taste, Spin, Brightness.

How to Stay in the Present.
How to Keep Your Sender in the Present.
How to Stay on Task.
How to Get Sympathetic Resolutions.
How to Extend TTP into Current Relationships.

How to Achieve a Working Balance between Fred and CM.
How to Send and How to Receive.
How to Spot Medicinal Patterns.
How to Conduct the Hardball Process.
How to
Dissolve the Stuff Between You and Greatness.

How to Set Goals with TTP.
How to Conduct the Snapshot Process.
How to Conduct the Polarity Process.
How to Use TTP with Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP.
How to Deal with Interruption.

How to Attain the Zero Point.
How to Parse Depression (and other conditions) into Feelings.
How to Create Intimacy.
How to Freeze a Form and Surf the Edge.
How to Get the Instant Remote Effect.

How to Empower Others and Accept Empowerment.
How to Know How Much Truth to Tell.
How to Test for Willingness.
How to Accept and Acknowledge Compliments and Criticism.
How to Create Snapshots as a Group Process.

How to Interface TTP with Breathwork.
How to Balance Context and Content.
How to Achieve Zero-Variation Accounting.
How to Balance Control-Centric and Intimacy-Centric Relating.
How to Use TTP in Trading.

How to Deal with Incorrigibles.
How to Communicate Thoughts, Feelings and Forms.
How to Create the Healing Field of Acknowledgment.
How to Identify Medicinal Patterns.
How to Implement Pro-Active Responses.

How to Conduct the Disappearance Process.
How to Lose Weight and Gain Health.
How to Attract and Keep a Mate.
How to Get and Keep a Fun and Rewarding Job.
How to Design a Winning Trading System.

How to Stick to the System.

The Workshop also provides a forum
for Ed Seykota to present a song or two
and also some new TTP technology
that accumulates between Workshops. 

Such topics for this Workshop include:

The Govopoly Effect
Dynamic System Modeling
Trading the Big Wave

Workshop - Learning by Watching Others and by Doing