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September 4, 2019

Long Intimacy - Limit Up

Dear Ed,

I'd like to check in!

Thank you for developing TTP and for teaching me. The tools you share in Workshops, in Tribe and FAQ continue to help me along the path of right livelihood.

I would like to report that my Essential Tribe continues to grow and thrive. We are now a family of seven, expecting our eighth member. 

We use Heart Rock a lot in our family and it works really well for us. The youngest are especially receptive to implementing Heart Rock and seem to adopt it as their default mode of communication which reinforces my desire to use it too. It's a great feedback loop when it happens ... Long intimacy and it's limit up! 

Even the little guy who is 16 months old seems receptive to being asked if he would like to share his feelings despite not being able to say many words yet. It's really neat to see and feel the shift when rapport and intimacy centric relating are in play.

I observe that I feel a thrill that is reflected by others too - it's a palpable, shared feeling of connection and it's a blast.  It's the dance and pendulum that swings between discovering the new and unfamiliar within and with someone and the revisiting, acknowledging and loving the familiar. What's this? Smile. Here we are, I see you too!
Like swinging on a swing set... It's heavy and weightless. Effort and ease.

Thank you for providing a forum to share these thoughts and feelings.

In closing, I have just read FAQ.  I like seeing the essays from the Workshop applicants and enjoy the process of considering the topics they write about:
I consider that I might like to build upon the TTP tool kit I use in my daily life and with my family by sharing and using it with other practitioners in a local Tribe or at a Workshop with the Chief!

I hope my note finds you healthy, happy and with a-bound-dance of Pickin' and Grinnin'


With love and gratitude,

Thank you for checking in and for sharing your process - and for implementing the technology and getting results.
September 2, 2019

Workshop Application


What I want to change in my life. I want to be financially independent

Feelings I most and least enjoy.

I enjoy to sitting on the shore of the ocean in the afternoon I feel like I’m sitting in front of God the ocean is so huge enormous so mysterious but when touch you and you feel the water of millions and millions of year of eternal existent and millions and millions more of sunlight I feel that my entire body regenerate and

what I least enjoy is to see people suffer even animals

How I want my life to turn out in 10 years. I want to be able to help my family, change people’s life for the better and help my church  

I agree to write about my experience (anonymously) three days, three weeks and three months after the Workshop. Yes I agree
Thank you for sending me your application.
September 2, 2019

Workshop Application


What I want to change in my life. 
    • I want to change the areas in my life that isn’t in congruence with right livelihood.
    • I want to change the level of enjoyment I get from my work. To a higher level of enjoyment.
    • I want to change how far I can run without stopping.
    • I want to change how lonely I feel.

Feelings I most and least enjoy.
Feelings I most enjoy:
    • When people come up to me and talk to me.
    • When I read a book about trading.
    • I also enjoy many other types of book and the act of reading in of it self.
    • When I manually backtest or do market research.
    • When I learn something new that I feel is useful to me, for example when I learn more about programming, math or accounting.
    • Also last year when I’m in a data science role at my work at an accounting project and get to solve accounting problems using programming, I feel like I’m on a cloud and every day is so much fun because I get to progress as a coder and build cool algorithms, my team members are also geeks and we get to geek out.
    • The feeling of progress.      

Feelings I least enjoy:
    • Getting the feeling of “I don’t want to.”
    • The feeling “I don’t feel like doing that.”
    • The feeling I get when I say something I think is funny but the other person responds different than I expected.

How I want my life to turn out in 10 years.
    • I want to be a trader.
    • I want a wife.
    • I want to have a little house in the South African coast and a little house in America. I want the house little so that it is cosy and people can feel together. Little but just big enough to allow friends to stay over and get those special together-ness feelings I remember getting as a young boy when my family goes on holiday with my friends’ families and we stay together.
    • I want to have close friends and good community.
    • I want to still be on the path to right livelihood.
    • I want to be involved with TTP work and get to share with people the great. news that feelings have positive intentions!
    • I want to play guitar.
    • I want to be better at mental math.

I agree to write about my experience (anonymously) three days, three weeks and three months after the Workshop.
Yes I enjoy this and agree to share my experience in the time frames requested above.
Thank you for sending me your application.
September 2, 2019

Wants to Post a Link


I wanted to let you know I really liked your post about “The Trading Tribe”.

However, when I was looking at your page for 2010_July/01, I noticed a broken link.

When you are fixing the page, I also think you should consider adding this link (to my business).

I hope this email reaches you safely and helps you out a bit.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Best Regards,
Thank you for raising this issue.

FAQ does not carry advertising.  It does carry links that serve to credit the source of images.
September 1, 2019


Dear Ed, 

Concerning setting of sell stops, all other matters aside, WHICH method would be more consistently efflective: 

The lowest low value over a set number of days (which incorporates BOTH time and price point elements   For example 21 days


Chandelier type stop at a number of Average True Range units.  For example 3 ATR’s 

Thanks in advance!
Thank you for raising this issue.

I wonder if you can define precisely what you mean by "consistently effective."

Once you define your "Bliss Function" you can run back tests to optimize your system.
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