Get The Essentials


Get Your Own Trading Tribe Essentials Card.

This image appears on a plastic card (like a standard credit card)

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How To Order Your TT Essentials Card



1. Address an envelope to yourself and put a stamp on it.

Note: If you want more than one card,

send more than one return envelope.


Current Postal Rates:


 TT Essentials                      [       ]

 1060 Sunflower Trail               [ Stamp ]

 Austin, TX 78745                   [       ]




                 Your Name

                 Your Address







2.  Enclose a One-Dollar bill - for each card you want.





3. Send the return envelope and the dollar to:


Trading Tribe Essentials Card

1060 Sunflower Trail

Austin, TX 78745



4. Once you get your card,

consult it often

and do what it says.



5. Let me know how it works for you.



Drawing by DayJack Designs

Coordination by Hutchins Public Relations
(C) 2008 by Ed Seykota