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TTP Workshop

April 15 - 18, 2010  Reno, Nevada



with Ed Seykota and Friends


Register Here



TTP (The Trading Tribe Process) is a collection of educational methods for personal growth.


A TTP Workshop is an interactive seminar, with some theory and mostly practice, for participants who are willing to commit to getting great results in their lives - and to assisting others to get great results in theirs.


Participants come to realize that their daily activities are primarily ritualistic, dramatic, medicinal and addictive in nature and otherwise contribute little toward right-livelihood. 


Meanwhile, a few activities, many of them subtle and unconscious, determine the course of their lives. 


One of the intentions of this workshop is to assist each participant to identify, celebrate and share his own special gifts.  Another is to identify and reduce the level of unproductive drama.


Sometimes the entire workshop meets as a whole for discussions and check-ins. Other times it breaks into smaller work-groups.


This workshop does not provide psychological therapy. None of the presenters have licenses or training to perform therapy, and no one intends or attempts to conduct therapy. 


If you are currently in therapy, please confirm prior to applying for admission, that attending this workshop is consistent with the course of your particular therapy.


TTP is an educational method, and the goal of TTP is to gain personal insights (AHA's) by engaging various processes.


To learn more about TTP, see the FAQ pages, the Trading Tribe Process (TTP) page and read The Trading Tribe.


The participants determine the specific content of the course by the issues they bring to the workshop. 



Typical Topics:


How to use TTP - Case studies and stories.

Integrating TTP and Trading.

Basic elements of trend following.

How k-notty issues interfere with trading.

How to stick to your system.

How to get a tribe up and running.

How to deal with drawdowns.

Untying K-nots: Releasing Judgments.

Judges: Happy & Grumpy.

Tracking: Trend following for emotions.

Elements of Feelings:

temperature, pressure, size, texture, color, taste, spin, brightness ...

Staying in the Present - and keeping your sender in the present.

Advantages of multiple receivers.

Staying on task.

Sympathetic Resolutions of Relating Issues.

Extending TTP into current relationships.

Converting Stories into Issues.

Converting Issues to Feelings.

Converting Feelings to AHA's.

Fred and CM - how to Achieve a Working Balance.

How to Send and how to Receive.

Methods for Avoiding Feelings.

Hardball Process: Dissolving What's Between You and Being Great.

TTP and Goal Setting.

The Snapshot Process.

The Polarity Process.

TTP and Other Disciplines such as Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP.

How to stay on task as Receiver - dealing with interruption.

In public receive, in Tribe, manage the process with permission.

How to attain the Unconscious Zero Point.

Depression (and other psychological terms) are not feelings.

Relationships: sharing a form of intimacy avoidance / or creating magic.

How to freeze a form and surf the edge.

Instant Remote Effect - a function of re-framing & also magic.

Intimacy comes from intentional closeness, not weak boundaries.

How to empower others and accept empowerment.

The role of telling the truth in TTP.

TTP requires willingness - it is not a cure for un-willingness.

How to conduct the Speed Snapshots process.

How to accept and acknowledge criticism.

Snapshot properties: the mode / the commitment / the essence.

Snapshot creation as a group process.

How to interface TTP with Breathwork.

Converting Context to Content.

The essential role of willingness as a way to overcome considerations.



Some Tools in the Tool Kit:


Communicating thoughts, feelings and forms.

Creating the Healing Field of Acknowledgment.

Identifying Medicinal Patterns.

Implementing Pro-Active Responses.

The Disappearance Process.

Implementing Deep Learning.

The Causal and System Models.

The role of Time.

The role of Judgment.

Goal and process orientation.

Levels of truth: narrative; emotional; essential.

Positive intention of male and female viewpoints.



Some Typical Workshop Projects:


Lose weight and gain health.

Attract and keep a mate.

Get a fun and rewarding job.

Design a winning trading system.

Stick to the system.






Fred is a TTP Term for the Subconscious Mind


Fredian Psychology is a TTP model

that shows the parts of the mind

and how they interrelate.


We use this model to "back test"

our current relationship strategies

and to optimize our personal systems.




New Concepts


The Workshop also provides a forum for Ed Seykota to present new TTP technology that accumulates between Workshops.  Such topics for the April 2010 Workshop include:


The Essential Rocks Process.

Using TTP in Trading.

Convincing by Listening.

Dealing with Incorrigibles.

Life at the Zero Point.

The Intimacy Cycle.

Freezing Forms - Surfing the Edge.

Instant Remote Effect.

Intimacy: Intentional Closeness = Weak Boundaries. True Empowerment.

Telling the truth in TTP.

Testing for Willingness.

Rapid Processing.

Acceptance, Surrender and Alignment.

Inviting Criticism.

Snapshot Creation: a Group Process.

TTP and Breathwork.




The Workshop begins on Thursday at 5:30 PM, and ends Sunday at 11:00 AM.  The Participants take meals together as part of the Workshop.


Thursday Meeting 6 PM - 11 PM
  Dinner 6 PM - 7 PM



8 AM - 11 PM



7:30 AM - 8:30 AM

  Lunch 12 PM - 1 PM
  Dinner 6 PM - 7 PM



8 AM - 11 PM



7:30 AM - 8:30 AM



12 PM - 1 PM



6 PM - 7 PM



8 AM - 11 AM



7:30 AM - 8:30 AM



Typical Menus (Actual menu might change)

**The hotel provides alternative vegetarian fare.**



A Selection of Chilled Juices,

Seasonal sliced fresh fruits and berries,

Assortment of Breakfast Bakeries,

Sweet Butter and Assorted Fruit Preserves,

assorted yogurts and cereals with 2% milk,  

Freshly Brewed Coffee,

Decaffeinated Coffee and Selected Teas.




Caesar Salad


Sautéed herb and egg-dipped chicken breast served with mushrooms, capers and lemon butter sauce


Flourless Chocolate Torte



Ruby red tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cracked peppercorns, basil pesto oil and Balsamic syrup


Pan roasted filet of Atlantic Salmon

finished with tomato-basil compote


Captain Morgan Rum torte

with chocolate-banana compote




Spinach Leaves

wild mushrooms, chopped egg

and red onion julienne

smoky-bacon dressing


Pan seared tournedos of beef with King Crabmeat,

green asparagus and tarragon butter sauce


Tequila Sunrise cheesecake

with passion fruit, guava and kiwi swirl



** Please make a note on your application if you prefer a vegetarian menu! **



The location is the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, NV,

near Reno Airport (RNO), on the 17-th floor. 

For reservations, contact the Peppermill,


Peppermill Hotel Casino
2707 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502

775-689-7451  Fax: 775-825-5737

Toll Free: 1-866-821-9996




Map to The Peppermill (Star)

from Reno, Nevada Airport.


The Peppermill


Waterfall Pool


Grand Suite


With views of the Sierra, the Grand Suite is 493 square feet. It has a Jacuzzi, two televisions and high-speed Internet connection.


Spa Suite

With views of the Sierra, waterfall pool or the downtown city lights the Spa Suite is 392 square feet. It has a Jacuzzi, sitting area for two and a writing desk.


What to Wear:

Comfortable, casual clothing. 


What to Bring to the Workshop:

Notebooks, pencils and pens.

No tape recorders, cameras, audio-visual equipment or computers in the workshop area.

Note: Ed may record sections of his lectures, for use on this site and/or in other materials.


Register Here

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Send questions about the workshop to FAQ.






Learning by Watching Others and by Doing



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