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Free TTP Intensive

New York - November 15, 2003



Free TTP Intensive


New York, November 15, 2003


On The Trading Tribe Process (TTP),

The Hardball Process

and more




Amir Shah ashahzen@yahoo.com

Andreas Agas aagas@ix.netcom.com





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Reprint of FAQ Item: Thu, 6 Nov 2003

TTP (Trading Tribe Process) Intensive

Saturday, 15 Nov.


From contact with members of other tribes, reports in FAQ, and discussions with some of those who attended the Reno Workshop, the New York groups have started to map our understanding of hardball and the related preparation to do it.


We feel keen to implement these evolving processes at our Saturday intensive on 15 Nov. Our understanding of TTP and Hardball continues to evolve rapidly driven by some combination of what you and others have undertaken and the deepening collective wisdom of our local groups.

[ Reno Workshop attendees -- If any of you have insights, observations, or feelings about the process and a willingness to share them please contact either of the NY groups. It could help us a lot. Thanks. ]
Since your posting of the Saturday session announcement on FAQ we've received inquiries about attending from up and down the east cost. I put together an email to give interested parties a sense of what we think they need to prepare and expect and conveying our current understanding of the


To people asking about the Intensive:

Thanks for your interest. Your willingness to travel to NY attests to your commitment. Given this I'll speak directly to what we have in mind. We intend the Saturday session to move fast and deep. We have serious people involved with a relentless commitment to do serious work. We have already begun work within our regular meetings to prepare. You'll need to do a lot on your own (and maybe within your own community if possible) to get up to speed.

We intend for everyone attending to come prepared with:

* Strong TTP feeling based sending and receiving skills;

* A "Dream" - A named, concise and vivid feeling based description (expressed in SVO-p) of you projected to the year 2023. Develop this as a "snapshot" in time;

* Clearly defined process oriented intermediate goals that you need to achieve to get you to the dream. (I will forward a template for goal development that you may find useful via separate email). Good to "snapshot" the goals too.
As we have engaged this process we see these as essential prerequisites to do Hardball. A review of recent FAQ's, the TTP process description, and the agenda of Ed's workshop should help you understand what we expect.
We have begun to develop this stuff within our TTP sessions. Everyone in the group needs to signoff on each participant's dream and goals. You'll be a bit behind on this so you may want to try and get feedback from other TTP members closer to home as you develop these. Send me any preliminary ideas and to whatever degree my schedule permits I'll supply whatever feedback I can.
Submit your final dream and goals by email prior to Wednesday 12 Nov so we can distribute them to our Wed night meeting participants. This will help make you more of a known quantity in the group and help us all move as efficiently as possible on Saturday.

Also, please forward:

* Resume
* Understanding of TTP and
* Your general views on trading.
I appreciate that this looks like a lot of preparation. We sincerely believe its the only way for us all to get the most out of the limited time we have on Saturday to dive into hardball.
We see hardball as an interactive process between a pair of TTP'ers working in turn (sending/receiving, receiving/sending) to dissolve the feeling barriers between them and their goal(s). In full disclosure, we're making this up as we go. On the other hand, we have witnessed some extraordinary things over the past months.

Please advise your willingness to commit to this process. If you can, I feel certain the experience won't disappoint you.