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A Group Technique Leading To Trading And Personal Mastery
The Trading Tribe Process is the creation of Ed Seykota; extremely successful Futures and Stock trader and student of healing and transformational techniques.  Ed is written up in the books “Market Wizards” and “Trend Following”.  All successful traders know that one’s emotional state is key to profits.  Seykota points out that any emotions you are unwilling to (totally and profoundly) experience, are your true trading system – and will run your entire life.  Further, most people only think they are experiencing unpleasant emotions.  What is actually happening is we are stuck in resisting the emotion.  As long as the emotion is not fully experienced, it will persist and so will associated destructive and compulsive behaviors, including bad trading.  When problematic emotions are fully experienced, they transform into allies and components of intuition.
Some of the effects of Trading Tribe participation include:
Long-standing compulsive and problematic behaviors disappear
Chronic painful emotions subside.
You naturally make better choices and decisions.  Goals become clear- and achieved.
Right Livelihood appears.  Jobs and careers transform.
Successful and Profitable Trading Becomes Natural.
Relationships and Health improve.
You become a much better listener, observer and communicator.
Your subconscious mind and emotions become valuable allies and guides.
You experience Satisfaction, Well being, Empowerment and Happiness.
The Trading Tribe is not about sharing stock tips, “secret trading systems”, trading rules, etc.  Tribe members who are traders often discuss system development outside of formal Tribe sessions.  The Trading Tribe is also not about religion, talk therapy, counseling, moralizing, “venting”, etc.
The trading tribe is about encouragement to feel “exactly what you are feeling” right now; relentless validation, acceptance and support of each member in their process. The process focuses on experiencing emotions, body sensations, postures and movements.  Participation in the Trading Tribe will benefit all areas of life and will enhance any spiritual or healing discipline.
The Trading Tribe is open to anyone whether or not they are Traders.  Participation is free.
Requirements for acceptance to the Boise Trading Tribe include:
1)     You are committed to your success in trading and in life. 
2)     You are willing and able to contribute to other tribe member’s process.
3)     You are willing to let others contribute to your process.
4)     You are willing and able to learn and use simple Trading Tribe techniques.
Much more information can be found at http://www.seykota.com/tribe/  and by reading the book The Trading Tribe by Ed Seykota (available only at http://www.seykota.com/tribe/
If you are interested in the Boise Trading Tribe, contact  Dwight Callaway (Boise) -- dwightcallaway (at) yahoo.com .  (include “Trading Tribe” in subject) I can answer your questions, help you navigate the Tribe website and send you additional info which will speed your understanding of the Trading Tribe Process.